Woman puts a fox on a vegan diet

By | July 16, 2020

woman puts a fox on a vegan diet

An animal rights activist has kicked off a fierce debate about whether it’s healthy and humane to keep a pet fox – and feed it a vegan diet. The controversy started when Sonia Sae – a self-described ” anti-speciesist ” – revealed on social media that she is raising Jumanji, her pet male fennec fox, on a purely plant-based diet. The accompanying pictures of Jumanji have prompted heated conversations across a variety of social media platforms, with even some other vegans criticising Sae for imposing her ideas on the animal. According to National Geographic, fennec foxes are “omnivores” and “opportunistic eaters” in the wild, who typically “forage for plants but also eat rodents, eggs, reptiles, and insects. Sae – a vegan campaigner from Barcelona – has defended her actions online and posted videos on her YouTube channel making the case for vegan pet foods. But this has not satiated her critics on social media. However, a few animal rights activists did come to Sae’s defence. She wrote: “Foxes shed just like cats. And research shows they do thrive on a vegan diet supplemented with taurine,” a key nutritional supplement.

Some try to push it on others, and some just do it because they honestly believe it is the right choice for them. What would you say if someone was going to make their pet go vegan? It happens a lot more than you think. Another woman, Alice Moore, noticed that the fox seemed to be doing poorly on its new diet. Unfortunately, foxes are an animal that cannot digest synthetic taurine which is the only taurine in Ami cat and fennec foxes especially need a high-protein diet filled with raw foods like roaches, super worms, mealworms, mice, pinky rats, eggs, and other foods they would normally get in the wild. If you feed a fennec fox an omnivore diet they will get sick, it is not enough for them. He is experiencing hair loss which she claims is an allergy, appears underweight, and from the videos provided on her Instagram last week, he is also lethargic for a fennec. He also lacks a digging area, so his nose is rubbed red in some images, most likely due to digging in sheets, carpeting, and hard flooring.

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Sonia Sae, a spaniard from Barcelona, adopted a pet fennec fox, named Jumanji, in Ardent animal activist and vegan, Sonia decided to give her pet an exclusively vegan diet consisting mainly of cat food. However, fennecs are carnivores, eating mostly lizards, birds and eggs in the wild, even even if there is the option to eat fruits. Pictures recently posted on Sonia’s Instagram have caused quite a few internet users to raise their concerns. In the pictures, Jumanji is seen in a pitiful state, emaciated and very skinny. Source: Sonia Sae. Sonia has admitted on her Instagram that Jumanji does suffer from a number of health ailments such as hair loss, partial blindness and weight loss but she doesn’t put these down to his vegan diet. Sonia has refused to listen to experts who are all appalled at her treatment of Jumanji and have contacted her regarding the health of her fennec fox. Several animal rights groups have voiced their concern. Foxes and Friends wrote on their site.

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