Will a diet high in carrots cure acne

By | August 11, 2020

will a diet high in carrots cure acne

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Our skin is a direct image of how healthy we are inside, and when we learn to use this amazing sign given to us by nature, we can achieve healthy skin and a healthy gut simultaneously. The human body has to break down whatever we put into it to extract nutrients from that food. If it can not do this for whatever reason, that food goes undigested and ends up releasing toxins into the bloodstream as a byproduct of poor digestion. Of course, there is no one reason for this all too common problem. And sadly, no matter what the reason, the body displays this through a variety of signs: weakness, fatigue, digestive problems, and perhaps most telling: the skin. A diet high in sugar and grains, conventional animal products, and processed foods all disrupt hormones and spike insulin levels which fuel candida overgrowth, IBS, and an array of other digestive problems that only fuel acne as a result of poor gut health. Though these can not be fixed with food completely, diet is a large part of the problem and the solution. When digestion is regulated, those toxins will not find their way out of your skin but will instead be eliminated as the human body prefers to do. And this can all take place within just a week if you stick to a clean diet. That being said, here are some foods to focus on to get your skin back on track and your body on the right path to eating better for a healthy gut and skin the rest of your life.

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I have severe ACNE and have had for a while. Besides using moisturizers for my face and mild exfoliants, I also combat this problem with my diet. This strips my diet down to mainly raw if not bland foods.

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