What is the dean ornish diet plan?

By | December 12, 2020

what is the dean ornish diet plan?

On this plan, you eat mostly fruits, vegetables, and grains — and very little fat. Learn how it works, as well as the pros and cons of this popular diet. Plus, Ornish and his research team argued, a vegetarian diet coupled with exercise can reduce stress and help people lose weight. Far from being a diet fad, many doctors and nutritionists now recommend this popular diet to people who need to lose weight and who may have heart conditions. One study showed that after five years, participants had lost an average of 24 pounds on the Ornish Diet, and most had managed to keep the weight off. However, the Ornish Diet has a major drawback: It may be difficult for some people to follow, especially over the long-term. The popular diet is essentially a vegan diet, Weiner says, and people may find it hard to avoid all meats, chicken, fish, and egg yolks. So, if you lower your fat intake, you lower your calories.

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