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Diet of a 120 pound woman

120 you are aiming to lose weight, keep extra calories from alcohol and sugar to no more than per week day for men. Sixty-seven pound of American women figures are too aggressive. For those diet need to would need to cut those calories per pound of body. For weight loss, he recommends eating 1, to… Read More »

Religious woman diet fad

As a Baptist, January Rowe knew that tough times sometimes call for fasting. Purposefully going without food has long been a part of Judeo-Christian spiritual practice—David, Jesus, the disciples, and many other Biblical figures fasted regularly as a way to show obedience to God. She thought about fasting, but she worried that not eating entirely… Read More »

Woman puts a fox on a vegan diet

An animal rights activist has kicked off a fierce debate about whether it’s healthy and humane to keep a pet fox – and feed it a vegan diet. The controversy started when Sonia Sae – a self-described ” anti-speciesist ” – revealed on social media that she is raising Jumanji, her pet male fennec fox,… Read More »