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Does the body for life diet work?

Body for Life BFL is a week nutrition and exercise program, and also an annual physique transformation competition. The program utilizes a low-fat high-protein diet. It was created by Bill Phillips, a former competitive bodybuilder and owner of EAS, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements. It has been popularized by a bestselling book of the same… Read More »

Does diet soda make you poop

Just for the record, I know. I thought it was important to throw that out there before I tell you just how much I was drinking. I have always had a hard time with my digestion…mostly the part where the food exits your body. It was pretty normal for me to go just once a… Read More »

Does my diet influence acne

The steroids share a similar structure and partition to fat as the vitamin D. A double-blinded, randomized, vehicle-controlled, multicenter, parallel-group study to assess the safety and efficacy of tretinoin gel microsphere 0. J Nutr. Arch Dermatol Res. Spizuoco says. Many suffer with a longstanding history of acne, most are female and from an affluent background… Read More »