South beach diet depression

By | August 3, 2020

south beach diet depression

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Fifteen years ago, I created the South Beach Diet to help my cardiac and diabetes patients lose weight and improve their blood chemistries in order to stop the progression of atherosclerosis and avoid having a heart attack or stroke. I never expected to write a best-selling diet book, but I was inadvertently pushed into the role when I noticed that the standard, so-called heart-healthy, low-fat diet popular at that time was actually making my patients fatter and sicker. Once I switched my patients to our strategy involving good fats, good carbs, lean protein, and high fiber, I was amazed at how quickly their health improved and their waistlines shrank. To make it easy for patients to incorporate the diet into their busy lives, I developed a simple, three-phase approach that I still recommend today. During Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, all grains including whole grains and other starches, sugars including fruits and fruit juices, and alcohol are excluded for 2 weeks. This is the rapid but healthy weight loss phase designed to eliminate cravings for sweet, sugary foods and refined starches. As a result, you gain control over what you eat and get quick results—typically, a loss of 8 to 10 pounds—which is encouraging and motivating. You would think that people following the “no grains, no fruits” dictum for 2 weeks would be eager to move on to Phase 2. But some weren’t.

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