Lung cancer and diabetes diets

By | December 20, 2020

lung cancer and diabetes diets

This case—control study examined the impact of diabetes mellitus DM on survival in lung cancer patients and lung cancer on glycemic control in DM. Laboratory results and DM and cancer therapies were obtained from electronic records. Glycemic control among DM patients did not change significantly with time. DM does not cause adverse impact on lung cancer survival. Lung cancer does not affect glycemic control. Lung cancer is the second most common malignancy in men and women in USA, and is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide [ 1 ]. Concurrently, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus DM has continued to increase, with 9. Given the high prevalence of both lung cancer and DM, there will undoubtedly be scenarios where patients will present to their healthcare providers with both diagnoses and will require simultaneous DM and lung cancer management. The association between DM and lung cancer risk continues to be controversial, with some studies reporting an increased risk of lung cancer with DM and others reporting a decreased risk [ 4 ].

Thank you for visiting nature. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. The aims of this study are to investigate the impact of pre-existing diabetes and diabetes treatments on lung cancer prognosis. Women with diabetes receiving insulin or metformin or women who had long duration of diabetes also had increased risk of overall mortality. Our large prospective study provides evidence that pre-existing diabetes is associated with poor overall survival among women with lung cancer, but do not support the hypothesis that metformin use may have a protective effect in women with lung cancer and diabetes. Diabetes may influence lung cancer progression and outcome by several mechanisms, including hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycaemia, or chronic inflammation, which have been shown to be associated with cell proliferation and cancer progression Morss and Edelman, ; Garcia-Jimenez et al, In addition, pre-existing diabetes may have adverse effects on lung cancer outcome by influencing clinical decisions regarding lung cancer treatment or response to treatment van de Poll-Franse et al, Studies of mortality outcomes for lung cancer participants with pre-existing diabetes are conflicting De Giorgio et al, ; Park et al, ; Hatlen et al, ; Shieh et al,

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