How to prevent migraines with diet

By | November 16, 2020

how to prevent migraines with diet

Certain foods—or a combination of foods—sometimes seem to provoke migraine attacks. Eliminating them from your diet, then, seems like a logical step to work into your migraine prevention and treatment plan. There are a variety of foods that are known to contribute to a migraine and they tend to be different in every individual, though some people don’t have any food triggers at all. In general, the foods that seem to be the biggest culprits include. Foods may trigger migraines through an allergic process in which your immune system is activated and an antibody is produced or through a mechanism called food intolerance, in which no antibody is produced but your body still reacts meaning that you have a sensitivity to the food, but not an allergy. In fact, the role of food allergies in triggering or worsening migraines is supported by some scientific evidence. It’s possible that certain foods, or a combination of foods, create an inflammatory state in your body, which then lowers the migraine threshold, allowing for other triggers to induce a migraine attack. Though there isn’t any specific diet that will definitely lessen your migraines, there are several diets that may be worth looking into to help you keep them under better control. Assuming you’ve figured out which specific food s contribute to your migraines, you can significantly reduce your intake or eliminate them from your diet altogether.

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