How have high blood sugar on paleo diet

By | September 4, 2020

how have high blood sugar on paleo diet

Dieting as a diabetic is very important as food consumed has a direct linked effect on blood glucose levels. Paleo and Keto diet programs are among the best ways to manage blood sugar in diabetics. Some foods are known to either raise or decrease blood glucose levels in a rate unmatched by others. And as a result of this cause-effect scenario, an integral aspect of diabetes management and control is being aware of. All these factors should be taken into cognizance as a means of regulating and controlling blood sugar levels. Note that, the target range is a moderate level of blood glucose that is neither too high nor too low to present any side effect or health condition whatsoever. The modern modifications to the Paleolithic diet stresses the need to eliminate unprocessed foods from ones eating plan. Moderate animal protein and very low levels of carb intake as well.

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