Fat bombs recipe ketogenic diet

By | December 20, 2020

fat bombs recipe ketogenic diet

Thanks so much. Bombs the fat bomb around in the shredded coconut until coated fat place on a tray lined recipe baking paper. Per serving : calories, 17 g ketogenic, 0. Tried this recipe? Strawberry Cream Fat Bombs. I ended up hombs extra water and then as a result added 1 cup of almond flour to make diet thick. Just a little graining because of the sugar mess up!

Top with chocolate or coconut and enjoy these low-carb fat bombs to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing flavor. My sweet tooth is my biggest weakness on the keto diet because sometimes you just need something sweet to munch on. They are bite-size and will help with the sweet cravings without sacrificing taste or flavor. They are fluffy, creamy and taste just like cheesecake! Simply beat all the ingredients until fully combined and place it into molds or drop onto a baking sheet using a cake scooper. Anything you have on hand should always be the first option. If you have a mini cupcake pan then go for it because it makes perfect bite-size portions. Silicon cupcake pans are perfect for fat bombs because you can pop the fat bombs right out when they are done.

Fat Yield 1 recipe depends on shape. Fiber 2. This is exactly what I need to get over the mid day exhaustion! Chocolate Covered Katie. I had to force myself to stop licking the spatula or my fingers as I was mixing.

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