Does the mono diet work

By | April 24, 2021

does the mono diet work

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Why is the mono diet famous? Is it one of the highly recommended diets or not? In this read we will highlight all you need to know about the mono diet, show you some of the most common examples of the mono diets and give you the verdict on whether mono diets are healthy or not. Just as the name suggests, the mono diet is a diet that advocates eating only one type of food to lose weight 5. This diet has grown in popularity due to what people are saying about it. People are saying it really delivers when it comes to weight loss and that is essentially what many people are hoping for. There are two known approaches to a mono diet. One approach is only eating the same food item for every meal. When people are trying this variation of the mono diet, they always go for healthy foods. Most people choose certain fruits, examples being bananas, grapefruits, or the likes. People can also opt for vegetables like potatoes or proteins like eggs.

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