Does over dieting kill you

By | January 9, 2021

does over dieting kill you

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Obesity can kill by increasing the risk of developing deadly health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer. However, following a strict diet to avoid excess weight may even be deadlier. Weight-cycling occurs after large shifts in eating habits. A study, published in the journal Nature, explains that when people try to gain or lose some pounds, many changes occur in the body, affecting blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and microbiome. The impact of weight-cycling mainly comes from the disrupted microbiome. That is because when people change weights, the microbes in the gut take time to adjust. For example, gaining weight allows microbes that support weight gain to grow. But when people start to lose weight by drastically limiting certain food, gut microbiome slowly respond to changes. The yo-yo effects of restrictive diets can also harm mental health. As people fail to lose weight despite trying to eat less, they become at higher risk of depression and low self-esteem. Another deadly impact of diet is the formation of harmful fats.

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