Dead prez on food diet

By | October 8, 2020

dead prez on food diet

Rap and health consciousness may not seem like a natural duo, but for Khnum Ibomu, or Stic — best known as half of the rap group Dead Prez — promoting a healthy lifestyle is a natural extension of the themes of political activism, social justice and personal motivation that run through his music. I talked to Stic about how he became interested in the holistic lifestyle — and why “healthy is the new gangsta. Seamus: In your piece, you say you don’t have to break the bank to eat healthy. But what about the argument that you can feed a family dinner at a fast food place for twenty dollars? Stic: Well, you know, I understand that. Coming from the hood, coming from low-income and no-income communities, I understand that that seems like the logical thing to do. Yeah, you can feed a family of four for twenty bucks on fast food for one night, but you can take that same twenty dollars and get vegetables and fruits and make soups and salads — and different snacks, raisins and nuts — for the week, or at least a few days.

She’s an inspiration. This is so true! Dont need any advice from him.

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His wife, Afya Ibomu, an award-winning plant-based chef and cookbook author, was the catalyst for Ibomu to cut animal products out of his diet to heal his gout naturally. Where are you living that fresh produce is cheaper than packaged crap? Especially the points about sugar and salt and fat being DRUG addictions that we have sadly accepted. I still cant get over it. She’s an educator of nutrition and she’s open-minded, so she introduced me to cuisines I would never try. Show your support by joining or donating today. Would love to see some new ideas on overcoming these barriers!

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